Membership is now due for the 2017/18 playing season.  All members must either fill in the on-line membership application form or print off and submit a paper copy of the form to the membership secretary.

Fees (either full or first part payment) are due by the end of September 2018 as the Club starts to pay affiliation fees and incur other costs per member from this point onwards.  If you are paying by standing order then the first payment should be on the 15th September.

Membership 17/18

Link to our online membership form and information on payment options.

paper version...

Don't fancy the on-line option?

We have 5 membership categories and you chose the one that suits you best. We have the option to pay in full or in instalments by either standing order or direct debit.



includes all training sessions (approx. 24)


6 monthly instalments of £30
allows up to 12 training sessions


6 monthly instalments of £25
no training sessions


6 monthly instalments of £17.50
includes all training


2 instalments of £45


No instalment option

We will need to record of attendance at training but please be aware there is no longer an option to pay for training on a weekly basis. 

Training fees for pre-season training are not included and will be confirmed by the coaching team when details are available.

Interested in Joining?

Please contact our membership mailbox for more information!!